CNC milling

CNC milling

Milling, or machine cutting, is the most common service of our company. We have 3 and 5 axis machining centers made by leading manufacturers such as Hermle and Micron. It is often the case that a customer who has been refused by several companies is contacting us because of the complexity of the job. We then, in cooperation with our designers and operators, try to implement these complex orders.

We excel in the quality of production thanks to a careful system of in-process control and final measurement on 3D (Mitutoyo). Customers also appreciate the ability to use our own transportation to get the right part of the kit to its place in time when they need it. Together with the delivery of machined parts, we also deliver standard parts for tools and molds thanks to our sales department.

How to deliver data?

To realize the order, we just need you to send us the export from CAD / CAM software. Since we have our own construction, we are also able to digitize and, if necessary, innovate the printed supplied drawing.

Machine park

We are able to mill a wide range of materials. We offer milling aluminum, tool steel, alloys, plastics and weldments. We have the following machines available:

  • Hermle C40 (5 axis)
  • MAS-MCV 500
  • MAS-MCV 1000 
  • Micron HPM 600U (5 axis)
  • MCV 700V
  • MAS-MCV 1016
  • Hermle C400 (5 axis)
  • MCV 1270
  • HAAS
  • Macmatic
  • Akira Seiki
  • and many other at our disposal
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