About us

NTN Precision s.r.o. was started as a sales company in engineering. We provided our customers with standard parts for molds and tools. Recently, we specialize on custom machining, specially prototyping, small and medium series production. We also produce machining tools and service them. For surface finishing, we provide our customers with blasting materials.

Introduction of NTN Precision ltd.

In 2018, we obtained ISO 9001:2016 certification

Who are our customers?

Health services
Components for sets
Precise mechanical tools
Steel constructions

We focus on our customers and their needs. Or main goal is to make our customers happy, from the quality perspective as well as from the perspective of speedy service and compliance with required deadlines.

From proposal to production

Our main focus is machining of precision parts. Our complex services include custom manufacturing of cutting tools, injection molds and precision mechanical parts in highest quality possible. We produce from blueprint (drawing) complying requirements for quality and precision.

We have our own construction. So, we are albe to provide you with complex services from design to production.

Surface treatment

We offer standard, high-quality abrasive materials designed for the blasting of various surface types based on the given use. Steel granulate and grit, blasting substances, natural garnet, white and brown corundum.