Customized production

NTN Precision provides customized production on CNC machines. We particularly focus on the quality of our production - that is why we use only the best machining centers for our production.

3D measurements using Mitutoyo devices
We comply with ISO 9001 certification
NTN precision ISO 9001:2016 certificate
CNC machinig

We provide our customers with professional services in CNC machining. We have 3 axis and 5 axis machining centers, CNC boring machines and tools for 3D measurement of final workpieces.

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CNC milling

We use top-class 3-axis as well as 5-axis Hermle and Micron machines. They excel in high quality, reliability as well as production speed.

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5-axis machining

Most of our machining is done on Hermie machines. Their machine base, resistant to vibrations, and with an excellent splinter discharging mechanism, allows us to make workpieces of a top quality and high accuracy in a timely manner, free of defects and without any technical outages.

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CNC turning

We conduct our turning using several high-performance centers, which allows us to respond to individual customer needs in a flexible manner. We offer piece as well as batch production.

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We offer our clients flat as well as round grinding. We use plane BPH, Tripet and Jung grinders. For round grinding, we utilize machines made by Knuth and Bua.

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Electro-erosion EDM machining

For sinking and wiring, we use machines made by Agie and Charmilles. More particularly, we utilize the Progress, Excellence, Exact as well as other product lines.

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Why choose us for your production needs?

We have available capacities
We deliver our products in a timely manner
We deliver the products to you
Production of complex parts
High accuracy and production quality
We comply with ISO 9001 certification

We focus on our customers and their needs. Or main goal is to make our customers happy, from the quality perspective as well as from the perspective of speedy service and compliance with required deadlines.

Machined materials

We can mill many different materials. We offer steel milling: low and high alloyed steel and instrument steel. Furthermore, we can mill aluminum, alloys and plastic.

  • low and high alloyed steel
  • stainless steel
  • instrument steel
  • alloys
  • aluminium
  • plastic

What we can machine

  • preparations                 
  • weldments                            
  • casts               
  • fired products