Abrasive materials and surface treatment

We offer standard, high-quality abrasive materials designed for the blasting of various surface types based on the given use. Steel granulate and grit, blasting substances, natural garnet, white and brown corundum. We also offer ceramic and plastic tumbling bodies of various shapes and sizes, including compounds.

Steel abrasives

We offer steel abrasives, steel granulate and grit. Thanks to its properties, blasting is very efficient and effective. It is an abrasive with a long service life.

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Ceramic abrasives

Melted ceramic micro balls have a greater density than glass abrasives, due to which they are significantly more effective for blasting.

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Non-metallic abrasives

Balotina, or also glass microballs, is usually used in finishing work. It can be used for blasting non-ferrous metals, or for unifying the surface of stainless steel materials, eg after welding.

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Tillage chips

We offer a range of tillage chips and technological fluids (compounds) for tumbling technology.

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