CNC machining

We are engaged in CNC machining for various engineering and non-engineering industries. Most of our metal machining orders are in the nuclear, medical, aerospace, food and automotive sectors. CNC production is also crucial for us for the custom production of special parts that naturally extend our range of standard parts.

Thanks to a reliable order management system, we can realize piece and small batch production as well as serial CNC production in higher quantities and with regular deliveries.

CNC machining and finishing

We have a wide range of machines, thanks to which we provide our customers with a wide range of final parts. We do not only machine parts but we also supply subassemblies and complete engineering assemblies. We also complete metal machining with final thermal and surface treatments - hardening, plating and others. Most often we work with materials such as stainless steel, steel, dural and non-ferrous metals.

The final chip machining products are subject to strict control. We perform 3D measurement of workpieces with Mitytoyo meters. In order to guarantee the top quality of our CNC production, we always perform inter-operation checks.

Metal machining products

Precise CNC metalworking can be used to produce a variety of different devices, components and tools. Most often we produce press molds, fixtures, graphite electrodes, control gauges, assembly jigs and a whole range of parts for assemblies.

What are the types of CNC machining

  • drilling - drilling can be performed on a vertical CNC center by moving the tool down the vertical axis, toward the workpiece or on a lathe
  • turning - Turning can be done on a lathe with manual or machine feed while rotating: workpiece, tool, workpiece and tool
  • milling - milling is performed on 3 axes and 5 axes CNC centers, where the workpiece is clamped and fixed, while the tool is computer-guided and gradually cuts the material
  • reaming - if you want to achieve the exact dimension and quality of the drilled hole surface, the work is finished with a rim, which ensures maximum hole accuracy and surface quality