White corundum

White artificial corundum is made by melting of aluminum oxide. This is a very clean material that contains less than 0.05% of Fe. Due to this do not remain on the workpiece, no iron dust particles. It is used mainly for the blasting of stainless steel products.

Chemical composition

Element Composition
Al2O3 99,40%
Fe2O3 < 0.04%
SiO2 < 0.2%
TiO2 0,06 %
CaO 0,03 %



Blasting material we can supply in sizes according to the FEPA - grit in the range of F10 to F2000. White corundum is screened either by sieve sorters or by sedimentation in water.


Detailed specification
Hardness: cca 9 Mohs
Sypná hmotnost: 1,9 - 1,6 g/cm3
Volné Fe: max. 0,004 %



Material recommend the use of blasting in a blasting cabin. Particularly suited for:


  • ceramic industry
  • blasting in pressure and injector cabins
  • surface finish non-ferrous materials