Natural garnet

Garnet is a natural product, composed of groups of materials whose main ingredient is Almandit (Garnet). Thanks to this composition, it is natural garnet very hard material. Significantly differs from other non-ferrous shot blasting materials - primarily, high-efficiency blasting. Garnet is also used in water jet cutting. This is a hard abrasive material, which is absolutely eco-friendly.

The chemical composition of natural garnet

Oxide Share
FeO 25-40%
SiO2 35-40%
Al2O3 18-25%
TiO2 1,5%
CaO 1,5%
Fe2O3 1%

Sorting natural garnet according to the standard Mesh (#)


Specifications natural garnet

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The hardness of the material cca 7,5 - 8 Mohs
Color reddish-brown
Bulk density 2,4 kg/dm3
The shape of the grains sharp-edged
Packaging bags á 25 kg

The use of natural garnet

The material is recommended to be used for blasting in a blasting cabin, hall and in the open air. Attractions natural garnet is that it is used as a substitute for silica sand.

  • pro blasting of weldments
  • for the elimination of the old paint and rust, old paint, metal flake
  • for waterjet cutting (as a rule, the size of the MESH 80)
  • when renovating products
  • for blasting of facades, stone, bricks, etc. - cleaning of buildings