Brown corundum

Brown corundum stands out in a very clean surface of the individual grains and good wettability. This is achieved by washing the grains in water. Brown corundum is produced from a piece obtained from block furnaces in the melting of bauxite. Well grown crystals guarantee high strength and toughness of this material. Thanks to the toughness (hardness) of corundum as the blasting material can very quickly achieve high cleanliness of the surface.

The chemical composition of corundum

Oxide Composition in %
Al2O3 95,5 %
Fe2O3 <0,3 %
SiO2 <1,4 %
TiO2 1,5-3,0 %
CaO <0,4 %
MgO <0,5 %


Corundum stands out for its durability

Corundum is a special blasting material your lifespan.

The best use of the durability of corundum are achieved using the shot blasting boxes.

Supplied the size of the corundum

In our offer we have a grain size in the range of F10 - F1200. Grading is carried out according to the applicable FEPA.

Specifications and properties of corundum

Detailed information
Hardness: cca 9 Mohs
Bulk weight: 1,9 - 1,6 g/cm3
Free Fe: max. 0,01 %


Options for the use of corundum for blasting

Brown corundum located thanks to its feature the entire range of use. One of the main is the preparation of the product before applying the paint or plating. Here is a list of a few of them:

  • blasting in pressure and injektorových cabins
  • cleans steel, cast iron and other materials
  • removal of rust and paint