Torsion springs

Torsion springs always have at least one and a half active threads. They are of the same shape as the extension springs, however, their termination is different. Since they are supposed to absorb forces that work along the planes that are perpendicular to the winding axis, their termination has to be modified appropriately. The final torque of the torsion springs is thus in the direction of winding or, to the contrary, unwinding.
When a torsion spring is exposed to a constant force, its threads touch one another. When a torsion spring is exposed to a force that oscillates, a gap (free play) is designed in between the threads.

Torsion springs are made of spring wires with a diameter of 0.1 to 13 mm.

We can even make atypical torsion springs pursuant to supplied technical specifications.

Gutekunst Federn torsion springs

In this area, we cooperate with Gutekunst Federn.

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