Extension springs

Extension springs usually do not have any tolerance in between the threads. They absorb forces along the spring axis that work in an outward direction - the loads are usually static; in some cases, they can be exposed to high loads with a slightly variable force. They are always of a cylindrical shape.

Extension springs are often terminated by suspension eyes. Nevertheless, some of them can be made without them. Other special terminal pieces are then mounted on them.

Sale of extension springs

Do not hesitate to contact us even when inquiring about atypical customized sizes. Our offer includes standardized Gutekunst springs. We can also produce customized extension springs of atypical sizes pursuant to the needs of your construction department and workshop.

Gutekunst extension springs

We can deliver not only standardized extension springs, but also customized springs made pursuant to customer requirements. In this area, we cooperate with Gutekunst Federn.

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