Belleville washers

The production of Belleville springs is governed by the DIN 2093 standard. The input material is usually 2 mm to 35 mm thick, with a diameter of 40 to 700 mm. Belleville springs can typically withstand high loads in the case of small bends.

We can also offer the customized production of springs of atypical sizes.

Main technical advantages of Belleville springs:

  • stability under variable as well as permanent loads
  • space utilization efficiency - Belleville springs boost a better delimiting force even on a smaller area
  • they can be processed thermally and they are coated for an improved resistance
  • Belleville springs can be applied in layers for easy regulation of the delimiting force (shot peening is typically applied in order to improve the resistance of the Belleville springs exposed to dynamic loads)

Usage areas of the Belleville springs:

  • elevator safety brakes
  • vibration insulation
  • brakes for railway cars
  • safety valves
  • and many other applications


Belleville springs are often used in areas, where it needs to be ensured that bolts do not become loose due to thermal expansion.

Catalogues of Belleville springs for download