For press instruments and molds for plastic injection, we provide instrument springs pursuant to the European ISO 10243 standard or Japanese JIS standard (color-marked based on the required force), polyurethane springs of various hardness and dimensions, also color-marked in accordance with the given requirements.

At the same time, our offer includes compression, extension, belleville or torsion springs pursuant to the required dimensions or drawing documentation. If necessary, we can also organize the customized production of the springs.

In this area, we cooperate with Gutekunst Federn

Gutekunst Federn, founded back in 1964, supplies the markets with the best springs made of bent steel spring wires. It particularly specializes in the development and production of compression and extension springs, however, it has recently expanded its activities into other spring production specializations. Thanks to its high-quality products and the largest storage programs in the field, it has quickly grown and it belongs among the best companies in this field in Europe. It supplies the markets with standard springs with more than 12.6 thousand sizes directly from its warehouse. Moreover, it can also supply customized springs up to a thickness of 12.0 mm. It can do this for just a few pieces or bigger batches.