In this area, we cooperate exclusively with certified suppliers. We can thus guarantee the maximal possible product quality. Our offer includes all kinds and types pursuant to the given standards.

Standard cylindrical ejectors DIN ISO 6751/DIN 1530 - quenched, nitrated, oxidized, DLC, stainless and AMPCOLOY.
Standard flat ejectors DIN ISO 8693/DIN 1530 FAH - quenched, nitrated, oxidized, DLC.
Standard tubular ejectors DIN ISO 8405/DIN 16756 - quenched, nitrated, oxidized, DLC.
Inset ejectors DIN ISO 8694/DIN 1530 C, CH - quenched, nitrated, oxidized, DLC.
Core pins DIN ISO 6751.
Special cylindrical, tubular, flat and inset ejectors pursuant to drawing documentation (dimensions, material, surface treatment pursuant to customer requirements).

Our offer includes ejectors of all sizes (even intermediate sizes) precisely pursuant to the DIN and DIN ISO standards. Based on customer requirements, we can increase the given lifespan and surface hardness by utilizing plasma-nitration, quenching, oxidization, etc. Moreover, we improve the material quality of our ejectors by applying hot forging and subsequent tempering.

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