Standard mold parts

We offer guiding pins and sleeves, bronze guides, ball cages, bronze-graphite guides - to European standards (Hasco or Meusburger norms), Asian standards and last but not least according to drawing documentation.

We also offer injection molding accessories - bolts ISO7379, DIN 912, DIN 7991, DIN 913, degreasers, O-rings, hanging means, heating elements (heating cartridges, heating belts, thermocouples), inlet inserts.

  1. Standard cylindrical ejectors DIN ISO 6751 / DIN 1530 - hardened, nitrided, oxidized, DLC, stainless and AMPCOLOY.
  2. Standard flat blades DIN ISO 8693 / DIN 1530 FAH - hardened, nitrided, oxidized, DLC.
  3. Standard pipe ejectors DIN ISO 8405 / DIN 16756 - hardened, nitrided, oxidized, DLC.
  4. Offset ejectors - DIN ISO 8694 / DIN 1530 C, CH hardened, nitrided, oxidized, DLC.
  5. Core pins DIN ISO 6751.
  6. Special ejectors cylindrical, tubular, flat and spaced according to drawing documentation (dimensions, material, surface finish as required).
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