Grinding is always the final, finishing operation that follows machining. With a grinding wheel (multi-edge tool) we take small particles of material and thus try to achieve the desired shape. We observe parameters such as flatness and cylindricality. Round grinding also achieves precise dimensions and surface roughness Ra of 1.6 to 0.2 μm.

Flat grinding

Flat grinding and diameter grinding are performed in the accuracy class IT5. For flat grinding we have machines Tripet MHPE 500, BPH 20NA and BPH 320.

Materials that we can grind are various metal and non-metallic materials. These can be cemented carbides, cemented and hardened components.

Round grinding

Round grinding is used for precise machining of both internal and external surfaces. They are typically cylindrical, conical, but may have other shapes. We use Studer OF 270.11, BHU 20 and BHU 32 for grinding diameters. Stankov 5822 machine for thread grinding.

Rounded products are:


  • motor cuts
  • circular knives
  • hubs
  • punches
  • shaft
  • pins
  • and more
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